• My first few times have been amazing. He’s very caring and I definitely recommend this place.

    Shelby H. Avatar
    Shelby H.

    Amazing place!

    Felicity T. Avatar
    Felicity T.
  • Great massage therapist, Heather, is professional and has excellent technique. Would highly recommend her!

    L. K. Avatar
    L. K.

    My experience here was excellent, I was treated very kindly and the Doctor really took his time finding out what treatment I needed. I have been there twice and I can already feel the Difference. I highly recommend them.

    Nils G. Avatar
    Nils G.
  • The best chiropractor in town, dr Pete is the only chiropractor that made the pain go away I highly recommend this place and everyone is super nice if you are having pain,,, you need to come see them

    Omar s. Avatar
    Omar s.

    I booked with In Touch because they accepted insurance, my particular insurer, were close to me, and already had good reviews. My experience has reflected that. When I called, they were professional and polite. I was able to get a booking for massage therapy the very next day to help with a horrible tension headache pending my professional referral. The therapist helping me specialized in craniosacral massages, which helped with tension around my head, neck, and spine. I felt much better after my initial session already. Booking my future my appointments on the website, app, or by phone is also great because it's flexible. I would absolutely recommend In Touch!

    Jayson W. Avatar
    Jayson W.
  • Doctor Pete is amazing.I was seeing another Chiropractor for years. I have now been seeing Doctor Pete for a couple months and I can't describe how much happier with my result have been since starting at In Touch. Its not just basic crack of the back there is so much more to it. The rest of the staff is so friendly and nice and make you feel welcomed. I highly recommend them.

    Gabriel R. Avatar
    Gabriel R.

    Great, friendly staff, Dr Pete is the best!! They make me feel like family every time I go back. Go...back... Get it?! Thanks for making me feel better!Update 9/3/20 - went back for a visit after a few months away, and I'm glad to have done so! T and G are the best, and Dr. Pete's as good as it gets!

    Earl A. Avatar
    Earl A.
  • Went in with pains, came out strong. Very nice and friendly people with lots of patience. An amazing Dr. who knows what he's doing. Excellent services.

    Stephen Q. Avatar
    Stephen Q.

    This is one of the best place in town to do cupping and Acupuncture and Massage. I had a shoulder surgery done 2 years ago in September and covid came and wasn't able to do my PT. Ended up with a frozen shoulder and then a spine issue. I have been seeing them for 2 weeks now and my pain levels has gown down dramatically. The best part about them is that they are willing to work with my PT from my doctors office. Between Lindsey my PT and Jun Wu my Acupuncture and Heather the Massage therapist. I can say with a 💯guarantee that I will be back to normal or even better. The best medicine is when Western medicine and Eastern medicine works together with the help of spirituality. Thank you so much Jun Wu and everyone in this magnificent place. God bless you all. ❤❤❤❤

    abraham m. Avatar
    abraham m.
  • Love this place! Dr. Pete is so kind and thorough, he took his time to explain everything, his adjusting skills are awesome! The staff are very friendly, everyone makes you feel welcomed. Getting massage and acupuncture is a must!

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.

    I love Dr. Pete. He has always taken wonderful care of me and my family.

    Kristine R. Avatar
    Kristine R.
  • I've been going to Dr Pete for over 4 years. In more ways than one ITWH has changed my life. I thought there was no help for my degenerative arthritis but now I know better. Dr Pete was the FIRST DOCTOR to sit down with me, with my x-ray, and point out what is wrong. In all the years of seeing "specialists" this was the first time ANYONE showed me what the problem with my back is. So, in short, THANK YOU DR PETE for your help!

    Faye A. Avatar
    Faye A.

    Everyone here is very friendly!

    Alex H. Avatar
    Alex H.
  • Excellent care! Dr. Britton and the office staff are very friendly! He knows what he is doing and I recommend him and his team if you are suffering back and neck pain.

    Kaylah M. Avatar
    Kaylah M.

    Got their game on - Dr Pete and staff are superb. I felt amazing after my acupuncture and Chiropractic treatment. Truly awesome people that genuinely care and listen. Thank you so much Intouch Chiropractic. I will be back for sure.

    Sean S. Avatar
    Sean S.
  • I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Peter Britton for few years. After many adjustment sessions, I can say with confidence that he is skilled chiropractor. His approch is always caring and respectful. I always felt better after leaving his office.

    Sergey K. Avatar
    Sergey K.

    Excellent place for massage/chiropractic/weight loss.

    Brian D. Avatar
    Brian D.
  • Love this place and all the people in it! 🙂

    liam b. Avatar
    liam b.

    Great experience. Organized, well done with scheduling, no waiting time. Dr. Peter was detailed and explained that I can understand my pain points and treatment.Thank you. Definitely recommend!

    Predrag B. Avatar
    Predrag B.
  • Great staff. Great chiropractor. It's hard to find a good one that doesn't make you feel rushed. I don't see any reason to go anywhere else as long as I live here.

    Jane H. Avatar
    Jane H.

    Dr. Pete will change your life! His attention to detail and the clinic staff are the reason you WILL GET BETTER 🙂

    Kathryn H. Avatar
    Kathryn H.
  • Always have a great massage from Heather and the staff are great!

    steve d. Avatar
    steve d.

    The owner was very kind as well as the acupuncture specialist that I saw. Wonderful service and will be recommending to friends

    Kyra L. Avatar
    Kyra L.
  • I love all the staff here. The clinic offers acupuncture, medical massage therapy, chiropractic, orthotics and IdealProtien (weight loss and improving health issues through diet). Everyone here really cares about people as individuals and helping them feel their best.

    Kyasha K. Avatar
    Kyasha K.

    I've been going to In Touch With Health Chiropractic for therapeutic massage for the last few months. I recommend them highly. The office is clean and professional. Scheduling is easy, with just the right amount of reminders. Staff is friendly, personable and recognized me after the first visit. My massage therapist is Heather, she is great, thoughtful, and proactively looks out for my well being. 5 stars easy.

    Arthur R. Avatar
    Arthur R.
  • They treat you like family. The sweetest people work there and I just enjoy my time there. They really made a difference in how I feel physically.Won’t go anywhere else.

    Misty M. Avatar
    Misty M.

    Always uplifting, nurturing and supportive healing experience!

    Susan O. Avatar
    Susan O.
  • The staff were extremely nice and accommodating, they even kept my mother entertained while she was waiting for me. The doctor was very thorough with his explanations/expectations of progress, along with recommendations for improvement. Massage therapy was excellent from my head to my toes, it has been a long time since I had a massage that covered from head to toe. It was very relaxing and she was able to give some relief to my troubled areas. Cant wait to go back!

    Sharon E. Avatar
    Sharon E.

    Best people ever!Really care and knowledgeable.Feeling better each day I go.👍

    D R. Avatar
    D R.
  • Very friendly and professional staff, Dr. Took his time with the exam treatment. I had a great time there, I highly recommend this clinic.

    kebreab t. Avatar
    kebreab t.

    Easy to schedule and Jacklyn is a great massage therapist. Love the quality care at this place.

    Priyanka S. Avatar
    Priyanka S.
  • Dr Peter is awesome!!! He’s a real one for helping my daughter’s neck and back after her car accident. He also has a great sense of humor!!

    Christine D. Avatar
    Christine D.

    I love this place. Everyone is so nice and professional. The Idea Protien diet, actually works, and I would recommend trying it.

    Jessica D. Avatar
    Jessica D.
  • Staff is always very helpful and nice. The massage with Miss Heather is always great. She is awesome.

    silvia l. Avatar
    silvia l.

    Dr. Britton and the entire staff at In Touch have been amazing. The front staff have gone above and beyond to help me schedule appointments and navigate insurance. Dr. Britton’s knowledge and attention to detail helped me find the answers I was looking for and laid out a positive upward path forward. Highly recommend.

    Earnie B. Avatar
    Earnie B.
  • Dr. Pete, Tien, the whole staff is great! The practice has a nice warm family feel.

    Dean B. Avatar
    Dean B.

    Visiting In Touch with Health feels like visiting family. They are so kind, welcoming and all of the service providers deeply care about their patients.

    Michelle M. Avatar
    Michelle M.
  • I have always had a pleasant experience here. I regularly come here for massage therapy and the staff is always helpful and polite.

    Henry R. Avatar
    Henry R.

    Dr Peter and his team were so helpful and patient, highly recommend 🙂

    Walid S. Avatar
    Walid S.
  • We’ve been a patients (my husband and daughter) for over 4 years. We really love going with Dr. Pete. He’s very honest, thoughtful and caring to all his patients. He teaches us of what to do and to eat. We’re so blessed that we found him. I have so much to say about him but you can see it to yourself.

    Theresa A. Avatar
    Theresa A.

    Amazing Dr., they care for you like family I drive an hour away just to see them ❤️

    GiGi M. Avatar
    GiGi M.
  • Kathleen is amazing. What a great massage. She has provided me with such great relief from my neck, shoulder and lower back discomfort. All the staff are friendly and always try to accommodate my schedule.

    Marilyn H. Avatar
    Marilyn H.

    Very professional and friendly staff and Dr. I feel much better after only 1 appointment. I definitely recommend In Touch with Health Chiropractic

    JOHN Avatar
  • Kathleen is wonderful. She's friendly and does a great job of creating a relaxing environment. Plus her skills as a massage therapist are top notch. I'll be going back often.

    Denise O. Avatar
    Denise O.

    I have been receiving Massage Therapy weekly for the last few months. Kathleen and Heather listen well and deliver the best experiences always.

    Naomi M. Avatar
    Naomi M.
  • Lots of great services. Heather is a godsend and has helped out so much. Highly recommended for any muscle aches and pains.

    Charles R. Avatar
    Charles R.

    I want to give 10 stars! I lost 53 pounds with their weight loss program, the coaches are wonderful! I have flat feet so I was recommended custom orthotics. Dr. Pete is so kind and caring and told me what my options were and what he can do for me. I am able to walk and run with comfort and no more sore painful feet at the end of the day. The massage therapy is super as well. THANK YOU all!

    T B. Avatar
    T B.
  • Went for prenatal massage with Kathleen. She notes the areas that need more help and also asks about it in the next visits. Highly recommended

    Debosmita B. Avatar
    Debosmita B.

    Great friendly staff.

    D A. Avatar
    D A.
  • The staff are friendly and professional. The massage therapist, Heather, is unbelievably good, she has improved my quality of life immensely.

    Anya B. Avatar
    Anya B.

    The doctors( I had Dr Pete) and staff are very nice/really friendly and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend this place.

    najwa M. Avatar
    najwa M.
  • My first appointment with Dr. Peter was great! The very friendly and professional office staff got me checked in promptly, and Dr. Peter was incredibly thorough with his initial exam to determine areas of weakness. He talked me through each step, making sure to explain how each test gave him information to inform his treatment approach.

    Jennifer I. Avatar
    Jennifer I.

    I've had headaches for the past 5 years, almost everyday. I didn't want to keep taking advil so my medical doctor told me to see a chiropractor. I called In Touch and saw Dr. Pete. He was so thorough throughout the whole appointment. He explained why I was getting headaches from my neck xrays and also taught me how to eat properly and best positions to sleep at night. I got a custom pillow it's the best pillow I've ever had. I highly recommend the entire staff of providers for your natural care. I will be doing their weight loss program soon as I intend to take full control of my health. The front desk staff is very friendly and helpful. Six months later I rarely have headaches. I am so happy to live close by to get exceptional care.

    Sandra A. Avatar
    Sandra A.
  • Dr. Pete is the BEST chiropractor, never has any doctor been more thorough and caring than him. I came in with excruciating lower back pain and within the first visit I was 90% better that day! He also took xrays and explained what was going on in my lower back and why I was in the state I was in. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The massage therapists there are fantastic. You truly are in a place of healing every time you walk in the door. LOVE this team!

    D D. Avatar
    D D.

    Prior to getting treatment with Dr. Pete & Kathleen, I had been dealing with physical issues for 8+ years! I had tried various things including Physical Therapy (treatments from different PT’s). But as soon as I got my initial treatment from Dr.Pete, I knew this was going to be a game changer. . . And it was! 5 months later, I still have work to do but I’ve never felt better!

    Ali G. Avatar
    Ali G.
  • It’s the whole package!!!1- I saw Rachel Young for help associated with diet and weight loss. I appreciated how she took her time explaining all of my questions. They have an individualized program called “ideal protein” where it helps me stay full, eat real nutritious food, and keep my energy up. Rachel is a good coach and continues to check in with me on my goals/ progress. I hate weight loss programs, but I do not hate this one. It feels more realistic and is less expensive then other things.2- I saw Dr.Pete for help associated with back and hip pain. In just one visit my pain went from a 7 to a 2. I appreciated how he took his time and adjusted multiple parts. As he went, Dr.Pete made sure I was comfortable with each step (sometimes I get nervous with docs.) I’m planning on a few more visits to fully re-align and reduce my pain.3- After my chiro work I booked a message (intro rate $49). I did not realize how different the medical messages are from just ordinary message parlors. The therapist was very knowledgeable about anatomy and was able to do some work on my back that worked synergistically with Dr.Pete.Bravo to the whole team for treating holistically!!! Very rare find and full of kind hearted, highly competent individuals.

    Deborah A. Avatar
    Deborah A.

    We love this place and always get healing and relief. Great customer service and followup, very accommodating for schedule changes. All of the services offered are top notch.

    Jeff R. Avatar
    Jeff R.
  • Great experience with Dr. Richard. He Explains everything and is very thorough. Showing signs of improvement with a very difficult medical issue to treat. Thank you.

    Sandra B. Avatar
    Sandra B.

    My first try cupping! It was great. No pain, just bruising already going away after 3days

    nataliya F. Avatar
    nataliya F.
  • In TOUCH with Health goes above and beyond getting you better. They treat me like family . The level of care, dignity and empathy they provide is indescribable. You can count on their humbleness and trustworthiness. This is the ultimate place for guaranteed comfort and recovery. I highly recommend it. Thank you to the whole staff .

    mathilde k. Avatar
    mathilde k.

    Heather is a great and an expert therapeutic massage therapist who understands and attends to the core issues of your body pain. Her time to time advise to relax your body keeps me going during the week. Overall, the services at In Touch has always been very effective. I would highly recommend this place to everyone seeking massage therapy especially with Heather.

    Zehra P. Avatar
    Zehra P.
  • Hands down best place to get massages in Seattle. Kathleen is a gem and a joy to chat with if you don't fall asleep - if you do, she will let you snooze away in peace. The front desk team is fantastic and will really accommodate your schedule. Their acupuncturist and chiropractic come highly recommended as well!

    Dua A. Avatar
    Dua A.

    Dr. Britton, Heather and the entire team at In Touch are amazing healers. From the front office staff always greeting with a smile and welcome to the intuitive work the practitioners provide, I am so thankful to have found them. I went in barely able to walk due to spine problems and was feeling much better within a few treatments.

    Ralene Avatar
  • Friendly staff, clean and comfortable space

    Ruth I. Avatar
    Ruth I.

    I had a disc herniation in the middle of my back that was diagnosed by NW Hospital. I went to Dr. Pete to get treatments. He did a pretty cool thorough exam and I went for 9 visits. It's been a year and I'm still good! Thanks Dr. Pete!

    Bro T. Avatar
    Bro T.
  • Went in with pains, came out strong. Very nice and friendly people with lots of patience. An amazing Dr. who knows what he's doing. Excellent services.

    Paa Q. Avatar
    Paa Q.